Tilia Phoenix

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Tilia Phoenix is a sophisticated open-API planning and imposition application that uses AI technology to improve efficiencies for print service providers in all sectors including packaging, labels, commercial, and wide format printing.

Uniting planning and prepress functions, Tilia Phoenix can be integrated into your chosen workflow or MIS system to enable fast accurate estimates, shrink prepress time, automate error-prone tasks, maximize media usage, and reduce postpress complexity.

Blazing Planning

Search across millions of combinations in minutes to find the most cost-effective layouts

Precise, Dynamic Imposition

Create print-ready layouts with ease using fine-grained item control and a rich set of dynamic marks.

Lights Out Automation

Integrate easily and seamlessly with your choice of platform and complementary technologies to achieve lights-out automation throughout your entire production workflow

Tilia Phoenix - A suite of powerful modules

A suite of powerful modules combine to make Tilia Phoenix the fastest and most versatile cross-platform planning and imposition solution available. Pick and choose your own dream solution

Tilia Phoenix - Open API provides interoperability for seamless integration

Open API provides interoperability for seamless integration that enables lights-out automation throughout your entire production workflow. OPEN to opportunity, connected for power


  • Imposition AI: The beating heart of Tilia Phoenix, Imposition AI brings the industry’s first and smartest artificially intelligent planning and ganging algorithm to your fingertips.
  • Products Plus: A powerful option for the busiest operations, Products Plus increases Phoenix’s capacity for simultaneous planning and ganging from 50 up to 2000 products.
  • CAD: Essential for step-and-repeat workflows, CAD makes Phoenix the fastest and most advanced CAD-based step-and-repeat (imposition) application in the industry.
  • Barcodes: For print providers using barcoded product tracking right through fulfillment, this module adds support to generate dynamic data-driven barcodes featuring vector precision for accurate scanning.
  • Braille: A specialized capability that generates dynamic data-driven braille with ADA compliance including hardcoded size and spacing.
  • Grand Format: Indispensable for those offering a large-format print service, Grand Format increases the maximum export size from 3.5 x 3.5 m to 10 x 10 m
  • Scripting: Gain access to powerful scripting features to draw customized marks, set properties, automate processes, and much more. This module exposes much of the core architecture allowing for unprecedented customization and automation.
  • Automate: Phoenix Automation offers an open API platform allowing integration with any external system. Automation options include REST Web Service, Switch Connector, Scriptable Hot Folders, and MIS Connectors.
  • Production Max: Adds an additional 30,000 maximum layouts, 10,000 m2 maximum export area, and 10,000 maximum Imposition AI sessions.

Automation and Integration

  • Enfocus Switch: Enfocus Switch integration provides completely headless automation via the Phoenix configurator, allowing the user to harness the full power of Phoenix within Switch.
  • Hot Folders: Using the hot folder method, users can define their own chain of actions to perform and build their own bespoke Phoenix infrastructure. Once initiated, the hot folders will pick up Phoenix resource XML files or other third-party formats and drive the job to completion intelligently.
  • REST Web Service: Phoenix REST-based Web Service is a first of its kind for imposition and planning software, and represents the most comprehensive option for automating Phoenix. The web service provides a superset of all methods available in Hot Folders and Enfocus Switch and opens up most of the functionality found in Phoenix.