Tilia Griffin

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Tilia Griffin

Exclusively for large/wide format production requirements, Tilia Griffin is a cross-platform solution designed to provide simplicity for printing and cutting.

Offering the ability to search across millions of combinations in minutes to find the most cost-effective, tightly-nested layouts, it requires minimal training to be up and running...and profitable.

Integrate partner applications
Easily integrate various applications from industry leading providers and greatly increase their functionality.

Super-High Speeds
Benefit from the power of the Phoenix Imposition AI engine via an ultra-responsive interface

Tight and True-Shape Nesting
Dynamically create the most cost-optimal, tightly-nested layouts – any shapes, any rotation in minutes

Foolproof and Futureproof
Pick it up and run with it in no time at all; choose modules, and upgrade as you grow

Open, Compatible, Vendor Neutral
Input any files, output to any device