Enfocus BoardingPass

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Enfocus BoardingPass - feedback in a minute

Feedback in a minute
Enfocus BoardingPass allows customer-facing staff to instantly validate PDF files for print.

Enfocus BoardingPass - help customer service agents

Customer service agents gain the power to provide quick and understandable job feedback. Prepress not required.

Enfocus BoardingPass - Integrated into email

Integrated with an email client, BoardingPass identifies errors that require a file to be resubmitted and automatically drafts an email reply.


PDF viewer
  • A standalone application that views PDFs
  • Views PDF the way they will look on press
  • Assures consistent PDF viewing independent of operating system or hardware
  • Views color separations
PDF Checker
  • A standalone application that checks PDFs
  • Finds "showstopping" issues that require a customer do-over - missing fonts, no bleed, low-resolution images, trim size, non-permitted colours
  • Gives customer service the ability to identify PDF problems without waiting for prepress
Integrated into email
  • Drag and drop attachments from email
  • Compare emailed instructions to BoardingPass checks in one interface
  • Automatically drafts a reply in clear terminology
  • Edit reply or add comments before sending to customer
  • Files that pass checks can be forwarded to prepress
  • Automatically download files from WeTransfer
Replies drafted automatically
  • BoardingPass helps to streamline your communication process by creating an email draft for you.
  • File errors are outlined and organized
  • Plain language replies, ready to send
  • Edit drafts, if needed, before sending
  • Promotes consistent messaging to customers
Send jobs to Prepress
  • When a file passes the tests for showstoppers, it's ready for prepress. BoardingPass gives you the option to forward the email and BoardingPass notes.
  • Forward to prepress with one click
  • Include BoardingPass notes
  • Keeps the email conversation simplified
  • Add any additional information before sending
Usage data dashboard
  • Access your BoardingPass usage data from your Enfocus account. The dashboard displays insights into how you are using BoardingPass.
  • - Number of files opened
  • - Number sent to prepress or replied to customer
  • - Most found errors by type
  • Usage data provides a valuable overview of in-app activity, allowing you to quickly determine the quality of incoming job files.